Tree trimming is one of the most important things a homeowner should do if they want to keep their front and back yards in excellent condition throughout the year (as well as increase their home’s curb appeal)– but trimming at the wrong time or season can do more damage than good to your beloved trees. Because of this fact, we will be discussing how to know when to trim your trees for the best possible results that you are looking for.


Research the Tree Type
Some trees are fast-growing, while others take their time (and others can be anywhere in between)– some might take months before they’ve reached their most optimal trimming point for you to get started at work. If you already know the type of tree(s) that you have and their particular growing habits, then you’ll probably know when your trees should be trimmed.

Seasonal Changes
Changes in season can sometimes mean that the tree is ready for a trim – but for the majority of large trees, be sure not to trim them too close or too much, and leave the largest branches intact as well.

Before the Storm
If you are aware of potential stormy or windy weather on the way to your neighborhood, make your best effort to trim any loose or weak branches from your trees before the stormy weather arrives; this prevents the likelihood of these branches falling down and potentially causing damage to your home, property, or an unlucky person standing underneath the tree.

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