Tree Trimming


Tree trimming in Baltimore, Maryland can create significant benefits that home and landowners should be aware of. Here are some of the major benefits to tree trimming with Maryland Tree Care.

Tree trimming effectively is done for one of three reasons: aesthetic appearance, tree health, and maintaining the safety of the land/home owners. Luckily enough, trimming trees is a scientific process that benefits the healthy growth of a tree in the long term, which when done correctly, is able to accomplish all three goals.

Why do I need my trees trimmed?

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Trimming to aid sunlight exposure, overall health

Exposing the branches carefully can maximize photosynthesis efficiency, which is done through using specific metrics. A good rule to follow for lateral branches is maintaining a one-half and three-quarters diameter from the initial point of attachment on the stem, aiding the role of photosynthesis in the given tree’s growth. If this rule is not met, and they exceed this size, they should be trimmed off. While sticking to this rule, you should also avoid removing the branch collar.
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Branch collars

Collars are the point of attachment that resembles a circular armhole from a shirt. Cutting this portion of the tree will damage the trunk and go beyond trimming, likely leading to poor regrowth in the future.

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Tree Aesthetics

If your tree is trimmed correctly, the presentation should be of the highest quality as well. This can be simply from the way the branches cascade, the length and trim of leaves/bristles, as well as its position in relation to the rest of the landscape.
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Maryland Tree Care is a professional tree trimming company that you can trust to trim your trees the right way.

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