Tree Stump Grinding


Removing tree stumps with stump grinding is an essential part of landscaping today in Baltimore, Maryland.

People used to underestimate the impact of tree stumps on their landscapes, but at Maryland Tree Care that isn’t the case. Here at Maryland Tree Care, we’ll maintian your property’s natural beauty with tree stump grinding. We will get rid of any tree stumps left behind from previous owners or clear space for new projects ahead.

Tree stumps can cause lingering issues in the soil, impacting the growth of the surrounding plants/trees. Decaying fungi can be spread from the roots of stumps, leading to an infection spread of spores. Our stump grinding process involves using specialized equipment to grind the stump down to below ground level, effectively removing it from sight and preventing future regrowth.

Quality stump grinding or stump removals ensure a clean and level surface, allowing you to reclaim your outdoor space without the hassle or hazards of traditional stump removal methods. With our advanced stump removal techniques, we guarantee not only the elimination of stumps but also improved eco-friendliness, ensuring a healthier environment for your landscape to flourish

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Tree Stump Grinding and Other Methods

Stump grinder - tree stump grinding

Stump grinder

This is the quickest manner of resolving your stumping issues, allowing professionals to use grinders to remove the stump in an afternoon. This will expedite the process for any future projects, giving the area open opportunities for other landscaping projects.

add the stump into the project without removing it


This can give the yard a more natural look. Most often, tree stumps act as obstructions, but with the right creative mindset, they can table a bird feeder or act as a stool with a neighboring bench/table.

allow the stump to decay on its own

Allow the stump to decay on its own

Natural decay will take several years, and can affect the surrounding environment a great deal in that time.

stump decomposition

Stump decomposition

This process elects to stick with how the stump would be removed naturally by only expediting the process. Chemicals are layered into the stump’s foundation manually, and over time, the stump begins to deteriorate more and more quickly.

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