Tree Storm Damage


At Maryland Tree Care in Baltimore, serious tree storm damage can be a burden to homeowners.

Amending storm damage will come down to the severity of the damage to the base of the tree, and what is necessary to be done to fix the surrounding area. Here are a few indicators on what makes storm damage more or less severe to trees, and what Maryland Tree Care can accomplish for you today in getting your property back to normal.

Minor Tree Storm Damage

When branches are dragging like hangnails off a tree, the issue can be easily amended in the trimming process, allowing the tree to begin healthy regrowth. Pruning the branches is a process relying on the health and sturdiness of the tree, which even in advanced age, should be relatively strong.

These can be solved quickly and will not require as much attention to the foundation of the tree, while other more severe damage can lead to a longer fixing process.

Major Tree Storm Damage

If the tree’s trunk integrity has been compromised, there’s little that a tree owner can realistically do. Letting the tree heal on its own after clearing the debris left from a storm is often the best medicine, and if it begins healing improperly, removal may be required. Full tree removal should be a last-ditch sort of effort, but it is necessary at times.

If a storm has struck and damaged your tree, leaving debris and obstructions in your driveway/yard, give us at Maryland Tree Care in Baltimore, MD a call today to get started on amending those issues.

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