Having a healthy tree in your yard can add beauty and value to your property, as well as provide much-needed shade. But what does it take to keep a tree healthy?

In order to ensure that your trees remain strong and vibrant, there are several factors you must consider. From providing the right soil composition and sufficient sunlight, water, and fertilizer levels, to protecting against pests and diseases or environmental stressors like air pollution or extreme temperatures; proper care is essential for keeping trees healthy.

Additionally, pruning techniques should be utilized in order to promote optimal growth while preventing damage from storms or strong winds. With this comprehensive guide on what keeps a tree healthy, you will have all of the information necessary for taking good care of your trees!

What to Trees Need to be Healthy?

Trees need adequate water, sunlight, air and nutrients to remain healthy. Regularly monitoring and maintaining a tree’s overall health is key to growing strong and beautiful trees. Trees should be watered regularly during dry periods, fertilized semi-annually with the right kind of fertilizer for the species, pruned appropriately when needed and mulched around


Of course, getting the right nutrients is the necessary first step. Sunlight, water, soil, etc. Aside from those essential ingredients, tree growth also heavily depends on the ecosystem that surrounds it.



Tracking the tree’s seasonal growth – This is relatively easy to spot. If the tree is growing well through each season, and being affected respectively by fall, spring, winter, and summer, then it’s likely healthy overall. You can observe small places where damage has occurred after a storm or similar event, but often enough this is insignificant.



Roots and their impact – Tree root growth is a major factor. Sometimes roots can overgrow and damage the area surrounding. This can be through damage to the foundation of the home, corrupting other plants’ growth, etc. Tending to this is very difficult for homeowners, which is why professional assistance is often recommended.



If you are concerned about the health of your tree or how it’s impacting the area surrounding it, we are here to help. Give us a call today and we’ll assess how your tree’s growth has been, as well as any necessary action. We’re really looking forward to speaking with you!