Maryland Tree Care in Baltimore gives you highly efficient results in trimming, pruning, simple branch removal, storm recovery, and overall maintenance for trees of all sizes.

We take pride in giving our clients the benefits of aesthetic presentation while still maintaining the natural beauty of the tree’s original look, respecting common rules of keeping the safety of the trees as well.

Tree care is an ongoing process that begins with how the tree is planted, and if the owner has given the tree the correct circumstances for growth to occur. A hole for the seed to grow that is dug too deep, seeds watered too little to sprout, and improper soil care over time can lead to poor growth.

Also, the soil itself doesn’t need to be tampered with or adjusted in order for the seed to grow most fruitfully. Trees will naturally gather nutrients on their own to survive, which is scientifically proven to be the healthiest route.

Mulching over soil

Mulching should be added over soil to maximize tree health. Two to three inches of pine bark or wood chips will give the tree a strong long-term foundation, leading to continuous growth.

Tree health metrics

The following make up the general rule of thumb in giving your trees a healthy amount of space to grow without having a structural impact on the property:

  • Trees that grow to be greater than 60 feet tall should be planted 20 feet away from the structure, with 40 feet of space between the next tree.
  • Trees growing anywhere from 30-60 feet need to be planted a minimum of 15 feet from any structure, with 35 feet of space from the next tree.
  • Any trees under 30 feet need to be planted 10 feet from any structure at minimum— 15 feet from the next tree. 15 feet of distance should be respected for any driveways as well, 10 feet from utility poles, and 30 feet from any traffic intersections.
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Efficient Trimming and Pruning

Maryland Tree Care in Baltimore is committed to elevating tree care practices to deliver highly efficient results. Our expertise extends to precise trimming, pruning, simple branch removal, storm recovery, and overall maintenance for trees of all sizes. By combining aesthetic presentation with the preservation of a tree’s natural beauty, we adhere to common rules ensuring safety while enhancing the overall appearance.

Strategic Mulching for Long-Term Health

To elevate the health of your trees, strategic mulching is essential. Adding two to three inches of pine bark or wood chips over the soil provides a strong foundation for continuous growth. This method maximizes nutrient retention, promoting a thriving and healthy tree.

Tree Health Metrics and Proper Spacing

Creating an optimal environment for tree growth begins with understanding the importance of proper spacing. The following metrics serve as a rule of thumb:

Trees Over 60 Feet Tall: Plant at least 20 feet away from structures, with 40 feet between each tree.
Trees 30-60 Feet Tall: Ensure a minimum of 15 feet from structures and 35 feet between trees.
Trees Under 30 Feet Tall: Plant a minimum of 10 feet from structures, respecting 15 feet between each tree. Maintain 15 feet from driveways, 10 feet from utility poles, and 30 feet from traffic intersections.
Scientifically Proven Soil Care
Our commitment to elevating tree care includes scientifically proven soil care. Trees naturally gather nutrients, and tampering with the soil is often unnecessary. By understanding the healthiest route for growth, we promote the well-being and longevity of your trees.

With Maryland Tree Care in Baltimore. We ensure not only efficient results but also a harmonious coexistence with nature, safeguarding your trees for the future.

Tree Health

Maryland Tree Care is a professional tree trimming company that you can trust to trim your trees the right way.

Give Maryland Tree Care a call or send an email and we’ll get to work on your property with maintaining, amending, and improving the quality of life for your trees.