About Maryland Tree Care


Maryland Tree Care is a family-owned, full tree services company based in Baltimore, MD. We serve residential and commercial clients.

Maryland Tree Care has been serving the Maryland area providing professional tree removal, complete tree pruning services, emergency tree removal and complete stump removal with a continued focus on 100% customer satisfaction, our golden standard.

No job is too big or too small! Maryland Tree Care prides itself in providing personalized, responsive, and quality service to its customers.

Taking down even small trees involves planning and implementation of very specific safety protocols. Is the wind right? Exactly where is the center of gravity on the tree. Is the trunk split thirty feet up? Are there enough men on the job? Can you clear all of the obstacles?

Some things you can figure, but many others are things which only a well trained eye can spot. Our experts have years of experience working in some of the toughest conditions and will take all the necessary measures to make sure your job is done quickly and safely.

Our Priorities

Maryland tree care

Worker safety and training

protection of your property

Protection of your property including structures, adjacent plantings, and landscapes

Longevity and health of your trees

Longevity and health of your trees through proper care

Eco-friendly treatment options

Eco-friendly treatment options and disposal of waste

We are fully licensed, insured, and bonded.

Maryland Tree Care has been providing tree services, on-site job supervision, follow-up, and customer care for a number of years in Baltimore.

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Our Services

We are committed to increasing the value of the trees that grace your homes and businesses. Your investment in these natural assets will be preserved and will likely grow as the trees are correctly cared for throughout their life spans, and our experienced staff knows what care is needed and when.

complete tree servicing- Maryland Tree Care

Complete Tree Servicing

We offer a wide variety of tree services. We have a considerate and experienced staff with extensive training, knowledge, and skills— as well as the appropriate tools and equipment to do their jobs well and with a high level of professionalism. Our staff can skillfully and aesthetically enhance the shape of any type of tree while also improving its health. Common among the trees that have been serviced are shade, ornamental, fruit, and palm trees.