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Specialty Tree Care Services

At Maryland Tree Care in Baltimore, MD, we specialize in tree trimming, tree pruning, tree stump grinding, tree removal, and removing tree storm damage that improves the value of your property.

We are experts at creating aesthetically pleasing and calming experiences for our customers and their neighbors, one lot at a time.

Maryland Tree Care proactively contributes to the healing of Mother Earth and our environment.

The trees are essential to the creation of clean air, the protection of the ozone layer, and the slows the effects of global warming. Caring for trees is our way of answering the call to conserve our planet and all its inhabitants.

The professionals at Maryland Tree Care are the preferred tree care experts in Baltimore, MD.

Reliable • Professional • Courteous

Tree Care, Tree Pruning, & Tree Removal Services

Maryland Tree Care can assist you with all of your tree planting needs and also with ongoing residential and commercial tree care and maintenance

Tree Care

When planting a young tree, Maryland Tree Care offers tree care guidelines. We can assist you with all of your tree planting needs and also with ongoing residential and commercial tree care and maintenance.

Tree Pruning

Improper pruning of trees can have disastrous consequences for not only the tree but for your safety and that of your neighbors as well as your homes and businesses.

Tree Removing

We will take the worry and the danger out of the extraction of a tree, and we will talk with you about the different options at our disposal and make recommendations with your best interests in mind.

Tree Stump Grinding

Research has demonstrated that removal of tree stumps can reduce the spread of tree decay fungi. We will help you decide which method is best suited for your situation.

Tree Trimming

Maryland Tree Care provides professional tree trimming services, paying special attention to the health of the tree as well as the safety of its team members.

Tree Storm Damage

Don’t trust your trees and landscaping to anyone with a chain saw and lawnmower, we are a licensed & insured company.


James Tonmay

They were so wonderful to work with. Everything from getting an estimate to the removal of the tree itself was great. The crew that showed up to the house was professional, kind, clean, fast… the list goes on and on. Customer service was top notch. Will absolutely call if we ever need work done again! I would highly recommend Maryland Tree Care Service to anyone and everyone.

M. Anderson

We’re happy we decided to go with MD Tree Care. Good communication. Competitive pricing. And they did a great job! THANKS!

Michael Chesner

These guys are amazing. Not only were they cheaper than any other estimate we got for our tree removal, but they cleaned everything up including all the leaves. They removed and replaced light on top of a post where the tree was coming down. They are professionals who really took pride in their work. When I told them I wished to keep some of the wood for fire wood they told me that I just had to let them know what I wanted to keep. Once they finished cleaning up the smaller branches I was asked what I wanted to keep, I told them what I wanted and they even went as far as to cut it to size for the fireplace and stack it nicely. Will definitely recommend to friends, family and neighbors and use their services again for the trees we have in our back yard.

Angie Watkins

I would just like to say that this company is very very professional very understanding of timing pricing. I would totally use them 1000 times over if I had that many trees. They did an excellent job removing a tree for me and grinding down the stump. They were absolutely wonderful very professional. My neighbors all complemented their work ethic their timeliness and their professionalism by asking to move cars being very polite to the neighbors. In my opinion I would definitely recommend these guys and I would totally totally give them two thumbs up and five stars. Thank you for all your hard work , My yard looks amazing. Sincerely Angelo Kozloski

Lisa Marin

Estimate was done the day after I called and requested that an estimator meet with me to go over the health of the trees I was in question of. Kenny came out took the time to walk through and to explain why some trees needed trimming and others due to health concerns needed to come down. He also explained that if I chose to trim those trees they would still need to come down in the next year or two essentially wasting money by only trimming. The crew did an exceptional job from beginning to end an even took the time to rake up where the loader left some rutts I my lawn even though I knew this was going to happen Because of the equipment needed to do the job. Thank you for your honesty and your professionalism and your work ethic!

Helena Papas

Maryland Tree Care is a great company. They did exactly what I asked for. They cleaned the yard before they left. Angel and his crew couldn’t have done better. I would definitely recommend them.


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